Building on the principles of MCDA, HTA, and ethical decision making based on the triple aim (patients, populations and costs) the EVIDEM framework is designed to identify most beneficial interventions and optimize health of patients, populations and healthcare systems. The framework can be used for any type of intervention, across the continuum of decision (individual, patient, clinical, policy, development) and by design allows for a transparent and participatory process to support decisions. The EVIDEM tools have been translated in more than 10 languages to support a broad range of multistakeholder and multicountry applications.


EVIDEM road map

Examples of users and applications

Regione Lombardia (Italy) – Appraisal of technologies

The HTA process developed by the Regione Lombardia incorporates and adapts elements from the EUnetHTA Core Model and the EVIDEM framework. The MCDA tool is used as part of its appraisal process for novel technologies.

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Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux (Canada) – Expansion of the neonatal screening program

The EVIDEM tool was used to support the decision making process of the Expert committee on the  advisability of expanding the Québec Newborn Blood Screening Program.

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