Current initiatives

Implementation of the EVIDEM framework for HTA in Taiwan

The Division of Health Technology Assessment of the Center for Drug Evaluation in Taipei, Taiwan is implementing the use of the EVIDEM framework for their decision making processes. This initiative is led by Grace Li-Ying Huang (ьSАтТр), Ph.D.

Pilot testing of the EVIDEM framework for reimbursement in China

Pilot testing of the EVIDEM framework is ongoing in China, led by Jinsong Geng, from Medical School of Nantong University. Consultation with decisionmaking and reimbursement experts is ongoing, including from central government level, HTA level, insurance level, and with key stakeholders in China.

Prioritizing interventions – WHO List of essential and affordable medical devices

The EVIDEM Collaboration is supporting the World Health Organization in the process of developing  the list of essential and affordable medical devices for 6 cancers using reflective MCDA.

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Adapting the framework to existing HTA processes

The MCDA EVIDEM framework is currently being explored by the Catalan PASFTAC (Programa d’avaluació, seguiment i finançament dels tractaments d’alta complexitat) program for high complexity drugs, especially orphan drugs.

Applying the framework to explore values and trade-offs of institutions and stakeholders using the context of rare diseases as a case study

A collaborative effort involving a number of organizations from several regions of the world is on-going, as  part of a pilot project funded by a small consortium, to use reflective MCDA as a a tool to explore and reveal values of healthcare institutions and stakeholders as well as to reflect on how these values can be transformed into decision criteria to be directly operationalizable. The study also raises awareness as to the trade-offs that have to be made when assessing and prioritizing in the real world interventions for specific populations, such as for patients with rare diseases thereby fostering a reflective and transparent processes and ensuring a reasonable decisionmaking process.

Past Initiatives

Assessing benefit-risk – The IMI-Protect initiative

As part of the WP5 of the IMI-PROTECT program, MCDA-based approaches were adapted and tested for benefit-risk analysis to capture data, expert knowledge and decision-makers insights into a decision matrix. The approach was tested with a multistakeholder committee and with various time points references.

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